• Installs, configures and monitors servers in data centres
  • Provides standby servers ready to take over due to failure or for upgrades
  • Conducts preparation, install, repair and recovery operations on bare metal servers at data centres, including using KVM consoles when necessary.
  • Is involved in blockchain level projects with high resource demand bare metal servers
  • Provides additional server services at a software creation level

ZGUS, through Auscyber Pty Ltd, became involved with bare metal servers in data centres in 1999.

In 1999 Auscyber was responsible for extending agent admin of a phonecard IVR (Interactive Voice Response) telephony server, using Dialogic cards, to a web interface. Later Auscyber took over complete management of the IVR server at a Sydney data centre.

There were no known examples of such a web interface. However Perl programming language, very popular at the time for web use, was ideally suited to the task for two reasons. Perl could interface to the IVR database directly and it could communicate commands to the IVR software by creating text files, reading the response as another text file. Of course the IVR server software had to be added to, to accept such commands in a text file and respond back to the web server with another text file. The high level software from Parity made this easy.

Agents loved the web interface as they did not need to use IVR for admin. It made their tasks so much easier. A side effect is that customers could obtain their balance and call records from the web, from as far back as the last century!