Available Soon: Offline Map Hosting

A ‘one stop shop’ hosting service for businesses or organisations who need to be able to display maps on phones or tablets where there is no signal

ZGUS Offline Map Hosting


Issue permits from your web site for access to land with offline maps for various purposes.

Minimise disruption with subdomains

Run services as an organisational subunit with separate website, separate domain name or subdomain name with automated setup, and separate email domain hosting, that can be controlled by one person through an admin panel, who can train others.

Suppose your domain name is mydomain.tld, then two subdomains can be used, such as prospecting.mydomain.tld with WordPress for business/organisational subunit and prospectingmaps.mydomian.tld with PWA statically stored content for offline mapping. This splitting of functionality allows massive simplification by not mixing two fundamentally different approaches.

Use of subdomains in the above manner is not disruptive as it only requires two additional NS entries per subdomain at the domain name server level. Alternatively a new domain can be used, they are inexpensive.


Make collaboration easy and inexpensive with guides on using inexpensive collaborative tools, such as Nextcloud File Sync and Nextcloud Talk for desktop and mobile, hosted on large storage size inexpensive servers (not by ZGUS).

Cost Saving

Encourage cost saving through standardised packaging and a standardised approach to editing and modification of website and maps.

Get access to maintained documentation for a DIY (do it yourself) cost saving approach.

Keep hosting costs and support costs low by using our own servers.


Keep hosting costs and support costs low by using our own bare metal dedicated server for shared hosting in Europe, completely independent of your main business or organisation website. Migration available to servers on US West Coast and Australia for quicker web page load for browsers closer to these other servers.

Above servers chosen to ensure server ping times from Americas, Europe, South East Asia, India, China, Japan, rest of Asia, Africa, Middle East and Australia under 200ms with most under 100ms for quicker web page load.

Alternatively, request your own exclusive server.

Offline Map Technolgy

When offline or online and customers are just using maps, there is no network requirements and so no network delays, through use of PWA (Progressive Web App) technology that relies on Javascript with the web browser but uses static browser stored content taken from static website content.

If there are updates for the PWA app, accessing the PWA app before going offline is the only action required to get an automatic update.


If you do not have a main website then add main website hosting at no additional cost, within specified limits.

We don’t recommend using our hosting for permanent main domain email hosting but will accept temporary main domain email hosting with conditions.

Support can be purchased to move temporary main domain email hosting elsewhere after you have made your choice.

Email hosting for organisational subunit for offline mapping domain or subdomain should not be moved. However email forwarding can be used to other mail boxes.

Even if full organisational sub unit hosting migrated, there is no change to two specified nameservers for domain or domains at a domain registrar. Full DNS automated setup is retained on migrated admin panel and DNS queries will show the full set of nameservers.

The server in Europe uses Apache web server and the servers in US and Australia use Nginx web server. So if you need fully independent, safe and easy access to password control to directory content with Apache, such as for subscription based access, then you need to stay with the server in Europe. We don’t offer a configuration of Nginx in front of Apache. It is either one or the other. The server in Europe will work properly with Apache to allow access by password, independent of WordPress static content control(such as with prospecting.mydomain.tld) and PWA static content (such as with prospectingmaps.mydomain.tld).


ZGUS is the trading name of Auscyber Pty Ltd.

ADDRESS: ZGUS, 22 Ragnar St, Edmonton QLD 4869, Australia

ABN: 65 089 449 632

ZGUS, through Auscyber Pty Ltd, became involved with bare metal servers in data centres in 1999.

In addition to providing services for installing, configuring and monitoring servers, ZGUS takes part in improving and enhancing services at the software level.

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